about HDF

Since its inception in 1997, HDF has been using a unique holistic model to transform communities with progressive and impactful programs, successfully improving the quality of lives across Pakistan. Working in four provinces of Pakistan and AJK, HDF strives to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, facilitating them towards a better present and a brighter future.

The goal was to give people in rural Pakistan the tools to move out of poverty and to lead a life of dignity. HDF envisioned a Pakistan where every child attends school; health care is for all; clean drinking water is not a luxury; and communities are vibrant and self-sustaining.

Since then, HDF has grown into its role as a leader in advancing human rights and quality of life. With over 200,000 people now recieving health care, 100,000 children enrolled in HDF schools, and over 1.7 million people touched by HDF on a daily basis, the Youth Water Initiative is proud to be an HDF project.


HDF's sustainable environment impact

Developing new and sustainable infrastructure represents a significant part of HDF’s overall efforts to better communities in need.

The Sustainable Environment Program focuses on reversing the loss of environmental resources. With donor's help, HDF has partnered with communities to complete over 700 physical infrastructure projects, including building sustainable and safe drinking water systems with delay action dams, hand pumps, and tube wells, link roads, solid waste disposal, irrigation projects, and agricultural pest management. HDF has also worked to maintenain and repair infrastructure projects in Model Villages throughout Pakistan.

HDF villages are located in rural areas which face more water issues than the majority of Pakistan. 96% of the population in HDF villages has access to improved water sources.