Our Approach



There are many steps to build the solar water pump. The first step is to dig a borehole about 130-150 ft in depth and install a submersible water pump about 5 inches in diameter. Once this is installed, a quality test of the water in the borehole will be performed by the company building the plant. The chosen vendor will then begin building the floor of the plant and then install the solar power systems. After the main facility is finished, the vendor will build a water tank connected to a location in the village with a lead line where the villagers can fill their water.


noun_water tap_1929037.png


The Human Development Foundation in Pakistan will chose the best vendor for building the pump, and they will oversee the project from start to finish.


Cost of Construction

Solar Operated Water Pump
Solar powered water pump US - $6,279
Water Tank/Reservoir US - $1,757
Total US - $8,036



One of the largest problems non-profits face when installing solar water pumps in Pakistan is the maintenance costs that get straddled on the villages that receive the plants. The social mobilization team at HDFPK will train community members how to maintain plants and wells by forming a village committee.