The Campaign: Dabho Bheel

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Help us raise $8,036 for a water filtration plant.


The Village

The village of Dabho Bheel is located in the southernmost area of Tharparkar, near the Indian border. The main source of livelihood is raising livestock. Agriculture and labor are the predominant occupations, with a few people having jobs in Karachi. A government primary school in the village has a total enrollment of about 50 children, and the nearest hospital is almost 5 km.

The Challenge

In Tharparkar only 27.1% of all groundwater is considered “healthy” by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to drink. However, with no other options, they have to drink unsanitary water anyway. With limited access to safe water, women and children spend 4-5 hours a day fetching water from a water well almost 1.5km away. They carry 30-litre jugs on their heads in order to bring back water to their homes. People including children are dying due to malnutrition and water-related diseases.

Long Term Impact

By building a solar water pump in this village, we will help nearly 1000 people gain access to clean water at their doorstep. Easier access to clean water allows children, especially girls to attend school and mothers have time to spend with their children and pursue economic opportunities.

By giving the gift of water you are helping create healthier communities.

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Name: Dabho Bheel

Population : 110 families and 880 people

Location: 250 km from Tando Muhammad Khan in Tharparkar Sindh

Nearest Water Source: 1.5km away

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